Arts eNergy Karma Healing (ANKH) Women Support Group every Wednesday 5-7 p.m

ANKH formerly known as Healing through the Arts provides a venue for children and adults to express their feelings on sexual violence through artistry, martial arts, yoga, meditation, retreats and spiritual counseling.  This venue will help survivors and activists develop a therapeutic ‘freedom voice’. A persons ‘freedom voice’ can be expressed in different ways- poetry, photography, documentary, journaling, dancing, singing or sitting still and listening to the beat of a drum.

Survivors and project facilitators (volunteers) will meet once a week with a designated time slot. Survivors participating in this project must be currently attending counseling or group counseling. At the end of the season (fall and spring) survivors and allies will have an opportunity to share their work with the community to raise awareness of sexual violence.

Survivor, founder and managing director Qumyka Howell believes that survivors no longer have to be silent, but in order to nurture their ‘freedom voice’, theyneed tools and on going support of teachers and mentors to help bring it out. When Qumyka was sixteen she was introduced to yoga and meditation to help her free herself from her past. Through this she was able to deal with life stresses and disappointments. “I believe using yoga and meditation helped save my life, it taught me how to face life challenges and find happiness in all things”.  She later found her voice in poetry and sound artistry.

In the future, we will have ANKH retreats. Small groups of survivors and allies will experience contemplative activities such as yoga, sitting and walking meditation. “I will like survivors and allies to connect with their own inner voice and experience freedom, happiness and wisdom within nature”.

For more information to participate or volunteer contact us at

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